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An Exciting Cookbook even for a Non-cook like Me

Hubby knows cooking is my waterloo and that i have no plans of doing anything about this until renovation of my dream kitchen comes underway and since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, i thought the higher being was playing a trick on me when this came in the mail

Now don’t get me wrong, i love food… appreciating dishes that is …cooking is another story which i usually leave to hubby or my baby sister…but just the same, i was actually eager to answer the RSVP… to do some food appreciation

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Busy Entertaining Guests with Dessert and Cocktails

For the past 4 weeks, hubby and i have been entertaining guests… well, entertaining would not exactly be the right term as we were at work for most of the hours our guests were visiting (what bad hosts!) but it was definitely a delight to have family over, first my mom and next our cousin and their charming son.

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Weekend Food Choices Week 52: Long Overdue R & R

We’ve always been taught to place high priority on family. That’s why when the rare time comes that i get to spend quality time with loved ones, we head to our favorite lazy retreat

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