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Following Your Gut Feel

We were window shopping when i realized i knew exactly where i wanted to have dinner

Hubby and i have never eaten in Uncle Cheffy before because the name of the restaurant never really appealed to me but for some reason i was suddenly interested

On our table

Uncle Cheffy Salad
Crispy pork belly, asparagus, potato, and mesclun in dijonaise dressing

We started dinner with the Uncle Cheffy Salad and hubby and i loved it! If you are a salad person who is a carnivore in the closet this is the perfect salad to get.


Tiuey Noodles
Fried noodles, asparagus, beef and cilantro

These noodles are so good! The flavor light, a little sweet and the beef so tender it falls apart *drool*

Larry’s Craving
Smoked salmon, escargot, shiitake mushroom, onions and 3 cheeses

Hubby was not at all surprised that i wanted pizza. Looking at the menu, i of course wanted an outlandish pizza topping so salmon and escargot it was…

I was initially disappointed that the thin crust pizza was not crisp and the toppings so spread out that i couldn’t consolidate all the different tastes.

In my naivety, i realized that the reason the crust was not as crisp as i’d like it to be was because the panizza was supposed to be rolled

so hubby and i added a few greens and rolled away

That was more like it, i thought after a bite! A uniquely good pizza panizza!

The serving was so large that we took home half of the order. Surprisingly, when i heated the panizza in the oven a couple of days after our dinner, it was still goooood!

Now, talk about the wonders of following your gut feel!!


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  1. i wanna try the noodles! 😀

    Comment by u8mypinkcookies | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hope you have more time to search and eat good food.
    Yummy  mom

    Comment by Emmie | May 10, 2011 | Reply

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