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Weekend Food Choices Week 49: When Futility Leads to Satiety

Last weekend Hubby and i wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by getting a cup of Irish coffee…trivial i know, but hey, that’s us!

Unfortunately, our search was in vain (and to think i just saw this in espressamente’s menu last week!) which made us decide to beg off dinner at this new place in BGC and just go where we were sure we’d enjoy the food … lest we encounter more disappointments that night.

Cafe Med opened its doors in 2005 and has since then branched out in different parts of the metro

Hubby and i used to dine here to get our gyros fix when the shawarma hype died down. Although shawarma and the gyros do have their differences, let’s reserve that topic to another blog entry…

Cafe Med offers other equally good dishes besides gyros as hubby and i found out during our last visit 6 months ago

They keep their menu exciting by offering dishes that they term “specials” that change every quarter.

We decided to order one of the special dishes of the quarter for our starter.

Tunisian Potato Salad

A refreshing potato salad dressed with red wine, vinegar and olive oil

Prosciutto e Pomodoro Secchi
Penne with parma ham, sundried tomatoes and cream

I thought the serving was small and i didn’t really appreciate the sundried tomatoes in the pasta but the flavor of the prosciutto definitely salvaged this dish

Kofta Gyros Pizza

The kofta, a Middle Eastern meatloaf of minced beef and or lamb, made a great topping to Cafe Med’s delicious thin crust pizza.

Their pizzas are reeally simple but full of flavor and the thin crust is so crispy the slices are almost like chips!

Im such a fan!!

What better way to reward futility but with a good and satisfying dinner!


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  1. I just ate here last Tuesday 🙂 I tried something different, Borek… It was ok lang.. should’ve stuck to my usual gyro or pizza or moussaka hehe

    Comment by ulacakes | March 25, 2011 | Reply

  2. deliciously looking set as usual, doc!
    nagutom ako! 😀

    i think cafe med has branches in galleria and shangri la plaza, am i right? hehe.

    Comment by docgelo | March 26, 2011 | Reply

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