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Thank Goodness for Good Company -When Good Food is Not Enough

Hubby surprised me for dinner a couple of weeks ago by choosing a restaurant up north.

I’ve had a chance to survey numerous interesting restaurants in QC and was actually surprised that there were so many that I have not heard of. So when we drove up to the parking of Cerchio, I was really excited.

Hubby reserved a table on the second floor so he was surprised when we were ushered to a table for two near the door. Hubby was going to let the matter pass but I just had to ask what had happened. According to our waiter the second floor was closed. As I looked a bit cross at his vague explanation, he called a more senior waiter who explained that there were no other reservations for the 2nd floor so they would like to fill up the first floor before they seat diners upstairs (?!?!?!). Determined to make him realize what an absurd rule this was, I argued why we were not told about this matter when the call was made for the reservation. The senior waiter suddenly changed his mind and said they could seat us up stairs. As I was not really keen on actually dining on the second floor, rather just trying to make my point understood (that they were not taking their PR very seriously), I declined and just asked for a bigger table as I knew our orders would not fit on a 2×2 table.

As I scanned the menu, I silently prayed that the food would be better than the service they were giving.

On our table:
Mojito and Cucumber special

We were told that the cucumber drink, which was the restaurant’s specialty, was more or less a non alcoholic mojito. I thought that this was delicious.

Crispy Squid Heads

This appetizer had good flavor but some of the squid pieces were a bit tough. I was expecting something like the crispy eel in Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Tempura Soup

This is the restaurant’s version of prawn sinigang except the prawns, or should i say the prawn is breaded. Interesting but not exactly a wow.

Ginger Crusted Fish Fillet with Fries Mashed Potatoes

As hubby and I were finishing our appetizers, our waiter approached us to let us know that there were no fries available and asked what I would like with my main dish instead. When I asked what I could have with my fish, he paused and went back to the kitchen. (What was that all about?!). He came back to inform me that I could have mashed potatoes or rice. As we had already ordered rice which was already served, I asked if the rice they gave us could just be counted as my side dish. Unfortunately they would not allow it. I almost wanted to roll my eyes… I asked for mashed potatoes instead which as you can see was not very pretty looking. Hubby and I were discussing that if they had potatoes to mash then we couldn’t understand why they could not serve them as fries. We finally concluded that they used frozen fries.

Crispy pata served 3 ways

Now this was delicious! Although what they meant by 3 way was actually 3 sauces, I didn’t mind after sinking my teeth in the crispy pork skin and deliciously tender pork meat. All the dipping sauces were also really good.

At the restaurant’s counter, a chiller displayed various cake slices. I found it odd that majority of the cakes were already in slices and cynically wondered how long they’ve been there.

Carrot Cake Slice

It could be more moist…but hey, dessert is still dessert! Hehehe!

Blueberry Cheesecake

Hubby liked this dessert because the cheesecake base was delicious. Really good with our brewed coffee.

Despite all the boo-boo’s the staff had made, i still enjoyed my date with hubby -nothing beats being in good company!

Cerchio’s dishes are pretty good but their service definitely needs tweaking!


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  1. The crispy pata pic made me hungry.. ;D I’m from QC, maybe we’ll give this place a visit. 😀

    Comment by cza | March 4, 2011 | Reply

  2. looking at the photo of sinigang na tempura puzzled me a bit. i can just imagine it as sour and a little oily; or i may be wrong.
    but you had me doc at that crispy pata!
    …im officially craving now!

    Comment by docgelo | March 5, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hi Cza and Doc! The crispy pata was really good!

    Comment by mrs lavendula | March 6, 2011 | Reply

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