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Look at what I got

When I came into the office, my secretary told me that this box came for me.  Interesting…

So when I went to the gym the next day, I took a bottle with me to test this juice drink out.

I was on my favorite machine for an hour huffing and puffing regretting all the chocolate cake slices I ate last week and when I was done, I took a bottle of chilled Smart C+ Pomelo Grapefruit

Refreshing I thought…

I found the juice drink to be pretty good because it was not too sweet and the flavor was not too overpowering.  It was perfect after a good work out.  It really did well to quench my thirst.

I wondered as I finished the bottle if the other two flavors were like it as well.

So the next day at lunchtime, I took all three flavors down to the table for a mini taste test.  Unfortunately no one else was up for the challenge so with my 3 chilled glasses, I took sips of the three fruit juice flavors.

Just like the Pomelo Grapefruit, both the Orange Crush and Lemon Squeeze flavors were thirst quenching.

Smart C+ doesn’t have that artificial taste that I really don’t like in majority of the local fruit juice drinks.  That is probably why it’s so refreshing.  The fact that this juice drink is preservative free and has neither artificial flavoring nor artificial sweeteners gets my vote of approval.

Apparently a 500ml bottle of Smart C+ contains the same amount of Vitamin C in the supplements that I take and for someone who does not like taking pills, this might just do.

However, I think that the Orange Crush and Lemon Squeeze flavors needed more zest, as I like my orange and lemon juices extremely citrus-y.

I asked hubby to take the taste test and he agreed with me that the Pomelo Grapefruit was the tastiest.  He said that the other two flavors tasted like the flavored water in the US.

Honestly, I don’t really fancy fruit juice drinks unless they’re freshly squeezed but if I had to grab a bottle in the market, I would probably consider Smart C+.  After all, its loaded with Vitamin C, it has no artificial flavoring, no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners and it really is refreshingly good.

Have you tried Smart C+?  Which flavor is your favorite?

Smart C+
brought to you by Oishi
Comes in Pomelo Grapefruit, Orange Crush and Lemon Squeeze


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