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Weekend Food Choices Week 41: Knowing How to Get What You Want

I’ve been very busy this week and the Higher Being finally decided that it was enough

There are days that you know what you want and you think you know how to get it, only to realize you were not exactly right. Like that night that Hubby and i were craving for Thai dishes and thought of getting it at a new restaurant we saw in Burgos Circle

Just Thai opened a couple of months ago after a husband and wife’s Macao Trip inspired them to engage in the undertaking.

The interiors looked promising.

And the service was good. We were attended to right away and always had a watchful server near our table during our whole meal for any requests we had.

Once seated, Hubby and i excitedly scanned the simple one page menu and chose our usual favorite Thai dishes

Thai Spring Rolls

This was satisfactorily done but then again, how could you go wrong with spring rolls?! Unfortunately the dish was not the best i’ve had.

Tom Yum

We were told this was enough for 2 people. We had asked our server if they could make the soup medium spicy as hubby and i both like the heat running down our throat when sip Tom Yum.

I was a bit disappointed when the bowl was served. An unappealing bowl, i might say, of a hardly spicy concoction with fillers and a lone prawn shrimp. But hubby and i both agreed that the soup flavor was good but just not good enough.

Pad Thai

Like the dishes that were served before these noodles (and after them, if i may add), i found them a bit mediocre. Not bad but not good enough…

Bagoong Rice

Our main dish was a long foreign sounding name translated into squid in garlic. We had paired it with bagoong rice. I had expected the squid to be dry and was surprised that it was swimming in sauce. Nothing exciting really. I don’t think i would order this again if we ever came back.

Squid in Garlic

We left Just Thai full, but not really satisfied. Just goes to show that sometimes its not enough for you to know what you want, you also have to know the decent way to get it…

…as for the workaholic, after realizing that it feels good to take it easy once in a while…she’s feeling much better

October 9, 2010 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience, Weekend Food Choices |


  1. I can easily tempted and eat a lot for food like this!

    Comment by elra | October 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. the pad thai doesn’t look promising. hehe, sa akin kasi, pag pad thai pa lang, hindi na awesome, reluctant na ako kainin yung ibang dishes. hehe. goodluck on finding a better thai resto!


    Comment by Iya Santos | October 14, 2010 | Reply

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