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Weekend Food Choices Week 36: A Delicious Way to Admit You’re Wrong

In Hubby’s opinion i always like to win arguments. This probably comes from the fact that most of our discussions end with him raising the white flag (hehehe).

But last weekend, i admit i was wrong

Like most weekends these days, i was quite sleepy last Sunday and a little narrow minded at that, so when Hubby asked where i wanted to have dinner, my one track mind wanted either Piazza for their thin crust pizza or Myrons for their steak both of which we’ve had before. Hubby on the other hand wanted to try Kulinarya, a restaurant we’ve passed so many times but have never entered. I initially disagreed thinking we were setting ourselves up for disappointment but i eventually succumbed.

Upon entering Kulinarya, i started to feel like we chose right.

The menu was filled with familiarly good dishes.

On our table:

Mediterranean Roll

Tender lamb with grilled tomatoes and mozzarella wrapped in tortilla with sour cream and barbecue sauce.

This was pretty good, but i was looking for a stronger flavor maybe from the sauce or the lamb marinade. Although i must admit, the lamb was really tender and went well with the grilled tomatoes.

Pasta with Mushroom and Prosciutto di Parma in Truffle Cream

Deliciously creamy linguine with the salty hint of the pruciotto…hubby loved this dish!

Four Cheese Quiche

This french open pie is made of eggs and cream in a pastry crust

I love the flavors of the Swiss cheddar, Gruyere, Gorgonzola and Parmesan which infused the custard filling of the pie

Known as a breakfast dish in some parts of the world, this new favorite dish of mine makes a great light meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Our main dish was Pork Riblets

This dish was delicious but needed that fall of the bone quality to get my standing ovation.

For dessert we chose the restaurant’s signature dessert, Banana and Langka Royale

Flambeed bananas and langka napoleon topped with vanilla ice cream…yuuummy! Great with the Lavazza brewed coffee!

…so i admit, i was wrong but it sure was a satisfyingly delicious way to find out!


May 27, 2010 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience, Weekend Food Choices


  1. WOW!! I ate in Kulinarya once, but I can’t remember anymore if I even enjoyed it then. But after this post, I must try it again! 🙂 the quiche looks sooo yummmyyy!

    Comment by ula | May 28, 2010 | Reply

    • let us know Ula what you think of their quiche 😉

      Comment by mrs lavendula | June 3, 2010 | Reply

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