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Weekend Food Choices Week 33: Home cooked meals at the mall

My foot was aching last weekend, my favorite flats the culprit, so hubby and i decided we were not in the mood to go very far for our Sunday dinner.

We decided to try the one place we’ve never eaten at in our weekend dwelling

I was always skeptical about this place because majority of the food they served could be found in our favorite restaurants in the same mall. I mean if i wanted pasta then why not go to cibo for their perfectly cooked noodles, if i was craving for pizza then pazzo would be perfect for their deliciously thin pizza … if you get what i mean.

But because we wanted to try something new, we decided to give this cucina a try

Entering the homey ambiance of Cucina Victoria, i saw a family eating big bread bowls of soup. I wanted that i thought…

Hungry, it didn’t take long before we decided what we wanted …

Onion Soup

Served in a humongous bread bowl, this dish is big enough to share. The bowl was delicious, soft bread that needed some pull, much like my favorite french baguette.

Really yummy with their herbed butter!

I wish i could give the same compliments to what was inside the yummy bread bowl…although the onion and broth was alright, it lacked cheese. A tiny sprinkle of Parmesan was hardly enough! Maybe i should order their clam chowder if we ever dine here again.

Pizza Margherita

This serves only one person or can be ordered as an add on to other dishes. And although i would have liked the crust to be thinner, i have to admit the flavor was pretty good.

Gambo Verde

This pasta dish was the star of the dinner table. The creamy pesto sauce and the generous serving of prawns (although small), was delicious!

Strawberry Panna Cotta
A satisfying ending to dinner.

You can never go wrong with this pretty glass of creamy dessert.

In general, Cucina Victoria did not really surprise us. The homey ambiance warned us that the food would be much like home cooked dishes with maybe a bit of a flare.

So i guess if you feel like eating home cooked meals but want to eat out (that would actually mean you’re either a bit confused or disoriented like i was last weekend), or maybe if you just want to take a break from your favorite restaurants, Cucina Victoria would be a place to try.


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  1. its been ages since we dined here. may malapit kasi sa min nyan dati pero nagsara na din hehe 😉 this is the place where i 1st eaten spanish dishes 🙂

    Comment by dyanie | April 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. this was where my husband and i had our 1st date heheheh it was still located where the M&S is now 🙂

    Comment by ula | April 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi Dyanie and Ula, looks like Cucina Victoria holds nostalgic memories for both of you =)

    Comment by mrs lavendula | April 18, 2010 | Reply

  4. doc mitzi where is this located?

    Comment by ingrid | April 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Ingrid, this is in rockwell across sugarhouse if im not mistaken

      Comment by mrs lavendula | April 24, 2010 | Reply

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