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Weekend Food Choices Week 32: The Sleepy Skeptic Gets a Surprise

Last Easter, we had a wonderful brunch at M Cafe, so this year, with so much to celebrate, i tried to look for an equally good place for our Easter dinner.

Apologies for the blurred photos…and no, it’s not because of the bubbly…

Because i was still hung over by all the stress the week before, i was so sleepy that i completely forgot my phone which was set to alarm and remind me to bring my LeXie! *dunce cap on*

Anyway, back to our Easter dinner, I was actually a bit skeptical about Lu because of the mixed reviews but because it was so conveniently located hubby said we might as well give it a try.

I was dead set on getting the herb crusted lamb spare ribs with bejeweled couscous which i saw in munch punch so i panicked when i didn’t see it in the actual menu when we were seated at our table. Agast, i was told that they had taken it off their list of dishes but our server went to the kitchen to verify with the chef.

She came back to tell me the good news, that even if it was off the menu, they could still serve it if they had the lamb spare ribs, the bad news was IF they did, but unfortunately they didn’t have it that night…bummer!

We started with Lu’s Favorite Dips
It includes hummus, pico de gallo and eggplant caviar.

I found the pico de gallo a little too spicy for my taste and the hummus too bland, so i would have to say the eggplant caviar was my favorite among the three dips. If you decide to order this dish and the serving of toasted pita is not enough for your dips, you can actually ask for refills *wink*

Tat chose to order the Zesty Oxtail and Short Rib Braise
The meat sat on top of Lu’s homemade saffron papardelle. Tat said the meat was like mom’s favorite corned beef! hahaha!

Hubby ordered the Turmeric Chicken
One bite of the chicken and hubby said “now we’ve got a substitute for Osonho”.

Curious, i had to have a piece of the beautifully speckled chicken. It was really juicy and tender but i thought that it needed just a bit more flavor. But hubby was right, if we were too lazy to drive a couple more minutes from our Sunday dwelling, then Lu’s turmeric chicken would be a good substitute…but nothing beats Osonho, in my opinion!

After my disappointment with the unavailability of my dish, i finally decided to order the Mexican Steak Frites
Surprised at the enormous serving that looked too delicious to ignore, i instantly dug into the steak. The arrachera was so tender and the caramelized onions and melted cheese that enveloped one of the steak gave it such delicious flavors! I wonder if i could ask the chef to coat both steaks the next time we dined here…

The plate (or chopping board, as it was served on a large one) included greens, paprika fries, and onion rings that was enough to feed two people! This is definitely a must order for those who want to try Lu!

As i always say, a satisfying meal should always end with good brewed coffee and sweets.

Tat decided to order the Butterscotch Apple Pie

While i wanted to stay with the Mediterranean theme of Lu and ordered the Apricot and Walnut Backlava

Although i thought we would have a so so dinner, it was surprisingly satisfying! In my opinion, i wouldn’t mind paying another visit to Lu… and next time, remember to bring my LX3 so i can do justice to the restaurant’s dishes!


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  1. The foods looks so tempting, yum yum yum

    Comment by Marie | April 15, 2010 | Reply

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