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Weekend Food Choices Week 30: What a Shiok(ing) Surprise!

My schedule has been in a rumpus lately and due to all of the stress and crazy meal schedules, my appetite has suddenly been on a roller coaster ride. Last weekend, Hubby and i were looking for somewhere we could have our late night dinner when we chanced upon this place

From afar, hubby and i couldn’t figure out what cuisine they served. Apparently Shiok is Singlish for Great! So in we went, curious at this new find.

Shiok opened early this year, serving affordable Singaporean and Chinese food that are crowd favorites.

Among the dishes that caught our attention were the char kway teow and the soy hainan chicken

One of the owners (that’s my guess, anyway) approached us and asked if he could make a suggestion when he found out i was interested in the soy chicken. He mentioned that Shiok had a crispy version of the dish but instead of the soft, boiled chicken, this had the texture of a roasted peking duck. That sounded so good that my unusually poor appetite that evening was suddenly revived.

The drinks we ordered, the coffee milk tea and bottomless iced tea, were served first and were so delicious that we got even more excited about our dinner dishes.

Hubby’s char kway teow looked delicious

When i finally got to taste this dish (near the end of our meal), I thought that the sweet sauce with chilli was a good mix. When we were ordering, they warned us that this dish was spicy but hubby didn't think it had enough heat. He did seemed happy with the dish, though.

Now, the reason why I didn't get to eat much of the noodles at the beginning of our meal was because it wasn't long until this arrived at our table

The crispy hainan chicken was served with chicken rice and broth. The rice was not the best ive tasted but it was good enough. You can ask for the usual condiments that come with the traditional hainanese chicken and because I love mine with tons of ginger, i had to find out if the crispy version could just as well be paired with my favorite condiment.

It was delicious!

The crispy skin and chicken cuts submerged in its own fat was irresistible!

I wonder what we’ll be ordering on our return…


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  1. wow i like hainan chicken rice.. though i prefer it steamed šŸ˜›

    where is this in the fort??

    Comment by u8mypinkcookies | March 9, 2010 | Reply

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