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The New Kid in Town

During one of our few late night dinners, we parked near a newly opened restaurant and were approached by the guard handing out the place’s sample menu. He sounded so enthusiastic about the food that we almost ditched our original dinner plans. We eventually decided to forego the whim that night, but vowed we would go back to try the new restaurant soon.

Our chance came last weekend

We were fortunate to have arrived when we did because as soon as we were seated, groups of people were at the door and had to wait for their table. All the diners that were already seated seem to be taking their time & enjoying their food.

Hubby noticed that we’re always followed by a good number of diners when ever we enter a new establishment. It might just be a coincidence but i couldn’t refute his observation.

The small 2 floor restaurant was busy that night, a far cry from the first time we passed by.

Aside from the servers, a man who looked like he was in charge (the boss/owner) was entertaining guests and making sure things were being taken cared of. He had a snappy but pleasant attitude. A couple of times i had wanted to make small talk but he seemed extremely busy for any chit chat. His speed and aura of being in charge reminded me of how a busy ER is supposed to be handled…

My appologies for the flight of ideas…now getting back to the food, i was craving for dimsum that evening and as usual hubby wanted noodles. There were a couple of main dishes we also wanted to try but we were still stuffed from our lunch, snack #1, and snack #2 in celebration of a couple of things earlier that day so we decided dinner would be light and main course dishes would be reserved for our return.

The beef with tausi and siao long pao arrived a couple of minutes after our pot of tea was served

I noticed that there were no chopsticks on the table and when we asked for them (we were not asked if we wanted any -an oversight probably because they were too busy with the orders) i was surprised that it took a couple of seconds for the waitress to locate the cabinet where they were kept. I had to wonder if we were the first ones to request for the utensils. Impossible in a Chinese restaurant, i thought!

The minor incident was all too quickly forgotten after a piece of pork tausi touched my pallate. Delicious! The tender pork submerged in artery clogging oily sauce had just the right amount of flavor. I almost ordered seconds!

While we were waiting for the dimsum to arrive, i told hubby of a story i read about siao long pao. Apparently it was developed for enemies with the purpose of making them think that it was regular dimsum only to be surprised with the really hot soup inside the wrap that would scald their mouth.

The siao long pao that were served on our table looked small in the bamboo steamer and i was a bit disappointed that the dimsum wrapper didn’t hold the soup very well. When i verbalized this to hubby, he jokingly asked if i was supposed to be an enemy! har-har-har *eye balls rolling*

We decided to add hakaw to our dimsum orders

Like the siao long pao, i thought these dimsum looked small. The flavors were satisfying but i wish there were more shrimp. I sort of missed the dimsum from King Bee right about then.

The sea food crispy noodles we ordered redeemed the siao long pao and hakaw

Our server offered to mix the crispy noodles and seafood sauce

The sauce looked good with various ingredients

Hubby was all too ready to pounce the dish

This dish tasted good but i would have preferred a noodle mix with a bit of soy sauce, hubby liked it just fine.

Dessert came next

Because hubby is not much of a dessert person, he can be very predictable when ordering. In a Chinese restaurant, he always goes for almond jelly

This was pretty good, just right when you don’t want an overpowering dessert.

I ordered mango sago

What i liked about this dish was that there didn’t seem to be any artificial flavoring mixed into the dessert. Of course with a natural fruit puree, you would need to be able to pick very sweet fruit. This was just right.

Now despite the less than perfect dishes we had, i think Casya has great potential and we’re very excited to get back there to try some of their main dishes, especially their Peking duck cooked 3 ways!

Don’t you think 2010 is such a wonderful year?! Chinese New Year & Valentines Day celebration on the same day! Wow, it sure will be a a fun weekend!


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  1. no chopsticks on tables? why?! being newbie in the business isn’t a logical excuse. perhaps they have to further the training with their staff. great food should be coupled with impeccable service of course.

    the dimsums appear small for my appetite.:(
    but the crispy noodle + seafood sauce looks delicious. chinese new year + valentine’s are really in the air! šŸ˜€ btw, kasya ba naman ang budget sa casya? lol.

    Comment by docgelo | February 13, 2010 | Reply

    • i agree with what you said regarding service doc! and yes the dimsum were a little too small than expected. budget wise casya naman (pun intended! hahaha!)

      Comment by mrs lavendula | February 14, 2010 | Reply

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