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Weekend Food Choices Week 27: A Simple Breakfast at Home

2 weekends down, 1 to go…

Because we haven’t had time to go out (at all) for the second week in a row, i decided i would make the most of our 2 hour-morning together by whipping up a simple breakfast

It all started with me remembering i had a pack of Finlandia assorted deli cheese in the fridge

The pack of deli cheese had Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, Swiss Cheese and Cheddar.

I then found some bread, lettuce and bacon, perfect for a quick breakfast sandwich I call BLC (bacon lettuce and cheese)

Hubby chose the swiss cheese and i decided i to go with the colby jack.

Swiss cheese is a generic name for cheese that resembles the swiss emmental and is know for its holes which are created during its production.

Colby Jack on the other hand is a combination of Colby and Monterey Jack giving this cheese its marbled appearance. Colby and Monterey are both semi hard American cheeses with a mild in flavor.

How to make BLC:
1. Toast or grill your bread and top with your choice of cheese while the bread is still hot
ooohhh look at that perfectly melted colby jack cheese! yum!

2. Cook your bacon until it’s super crisp

3. Place the crisp bacon on top of the melted cheese and toast.

4. Add your lettuce (mayo and tomato if you want)

5. Enjoy!

…i can’t wait to get my Sunday back…


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  1. hello! how did you cook/fry your bacon strips?
    it came out flat, not curled

    did you place something on top of it while cooking? 🙂

    Comment by jp | January 25, 2010 | Reply

    • hi JP, i actually cook my bacon in the microwave between paper towels, they come out super crunchy but devoid of oil. local bacon would cook in about 3-4 minutes…im too lazy to cook in a pan! hahaha!

      Comment by mrs lavendula | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. parang i haven’t tried the Monterey Jack cheese. how does it taste? yummy din ba?

    Comment by dyanie | January 25, 2010 | Reply

    • hi dyanie, monterey jack is pretty good, its like cheddar but milder =) give it a try, they have some good ones in our local groceries.

      Comment by mrs lavendula | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  3. wow parang ang sarap nga! i want mine with lettuce and mayo 🙂

    Comment by urbanmudra | January 25, 2010 | Reply

    • its really easy to make urbanmudra! give it a try! =)

      Comment by mrs lavendula | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  4. my preschooler son was looking when i was viewing this post and he said : “wow, ano yan cheese?! sarap!”
    …i can eat this bacon & cheese any time of the day! 😀

    Comment by docgelo | January 25, 2010 | Reply

    • hi doc, looks like gabby and i both love cheese! =P

      Comment by mrs lavendula | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  5. Bacon and cheese … who could say no?! I’ll take mine without the lettuce … and I might want two! LOL

    Comment by The Diva on a Diet | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  6. i love bacon and i love cheese! this sandwich is perfect for me 🙂

    Comment by anne | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  7. That melted cheese just screwed up my mind…I can’t think! OMG! Looks super amazing!

    Comment by sophia | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  8. Hi Diva, Anne and Sophia! Thanks for coming by my fellow cheese fans! =) hope to see you here again!

    Comment by mrs lavendula | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  9. wow very meticulous about the cheese. that’s fine art for fine food. looks very delicious.

    Comment by Fine Life Folk | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  10. Pwede pala sa microwave ang bacon? Great tip! 😀 Those sandwiches look so yummy. I’d put a thin spread of mayo on mine. And… yummmmm!

    Comment by Toni | February 3, 2010 | Reply

  11. What a great breakfast creation! Yum!

    Comment by Sook @ My Fabulous Recipes | February 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Sook! my sandwich is nothing compared to your fabulous recipes =) thanks for coming by our daily blog! hope to see you again!

      Comment by mrs lavendula | February 8, 2010 | Reply

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