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discoveries after the wedding bells

A Satisfied Craving

When we got back from our vacation, the first thing I wanted was this

Osonho’s Peri Peri Chicken

I was craving for really juicy chicken and I was torn between Peri Peri or Chicken Bacolod, but Osonho’s herbed rice and nicer ambiance won me over

This time, I was able to finally try their famed Caldo Verde, which I failed to order the first time we visited. I think I may have expected too much. I mean, its not bad, but i didn’t find the soup that spectacular. A thick bowl of vegetable soup that tasted more like mushroom soup. It was, however, a good filler for a hungry tummy raring to have some chicken, and boy, was the chicken delicious!

My plate was a clean slate when I was done!

What do you crave the most after you come home from out of town?

November 26, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | , | 9 Comments