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discoveries after the wedding bells

A Wondeful Gathering

In 2004 a group of strangers decided to enter a training program

Little by little the group of more than a dozen became just 5 persevering friends. And in 2006 a wonderful individual joined this closely knit group

Fast forward to 2009 and these same individuals have gone on to practice what they trained for…to live a good, resilient and happy life

It was AST’s birthday but only half of the batch were in Manila so she decided to postpone the celebration for a couple of weeks. By that time CDLG would be arriving for their month long visit and i would be back from my 1 month vacation.

What a fun night it was!

My Thai Kitchen

Bagoong Rice

Pad Thai

Beef Curry

Tom Yum


Thai Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice


The food was not the best Thai food i’ve tasted but the great company did very well to mask any unfulfilled expectations

The star of the night would have to be our beautiful inaanak (goddaughter)!

This is JM trying his hand on fatherhood…

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf seem to be the batch’s after dinner place

It was definitely a fun evening

Such a wonderful time spent with good friends!

We miss you SSE! We wish you were with us! We know that you are doing a great job of being a good daughter. We are praying for your whole family!

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  1. i knew you also have “those two letters” after your surname! 😀 hooray for MD-foodies, hehehe!

    Comment by docgelo | November 20, 2009 | Reply

    • and btw, that chicken satay looks delish!

      Comment by docgelo | November 20, 2009 | Reply

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