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Weekend Food Choices Week 20: You get what you pay for

Hubby and i were running errands for our last weekend in Manila so we ended up in Shang. The last time that we were here we saw a long queue at this restaurant and so this week we decided we’d give it a try

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October 14, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience, Weekend Food Choices | , , , | 4 Comments

One Blogging Nation

I woke up early, beating the alarm clock by an hour. Unlike most days when I would groggily open my eyes and beg for a couple of minutes more in slumber, I was wide-awake.

A lot of wonderful things were happening lately, almost all at the same time, strengthening the words that I live by…”good things come to those who wait”.

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October 14, 2009 Posted by | Affair to remember, Meandering | , | 9 Comments