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A Mall Rat’s Train of Thought

I think that the most annoying thing, more than inconvenience itself, is an unscheduled inconvenience.

I came home this morning relieved that I had the morning to do what ever I chose to do, but apparently all my choices needed something we didn’t have…

I went straight to my room, flicked the light switch on and nothing…nooooo! There was no electricity.  Without batting an eyelash I headed for the shower (yes, in semi darkness), got ready and left as quickly as I arrived.

The malls had opened and I gladly parked and entered the cool building.  *sigh of relief* AC and WiFi!  What did we do without them?!

At the mall, i heard a good sermon and then went around to complete the items I needed to buy for our trip to DC… oh and a couple of things I wanted to buy…its 3 months deferred payment, 0% interest anyway… man that sales lady was good!  Nine West (ooops a give away!) should give her an award for being so convincing to vulnerable shoppers like me!

I happily roamed the mall, big paper bag in hand, with other heat stricken citizens and found my place at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I would have been deliriously happy except the internet connection was not as great as it was this morning.

Goodness, and I realized I had forgotten my camera at home so ill just have to make do with my Omnia.  And in my haste I also left my earphones so I’m hoping my music gets drowned out by the ambient noise, and unless I get a dagger look from the person in the next table, I’m playing my tunes to keep me from dozing off. *from-duty yawn*

I decided I’d stay until the number coding is lifted.  There’s nothing worse than being bored besides being bored in the dark, right?!


I’m seriously getting sleepy, must be the dim lights here…but I don’t want to give away my spot near the charging area and the mall doesn’t look as cool as it was this morning.  3 more hours until I can get up and go.  This idle time is making me think of little nick knacks to buy…banish bad thoughts…

I wish the internet connection was better…..i wish the power would turn back on…


October 8, 2009 - Posted by | Meandering

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