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The Delusional Sandwich Maker

When hubby and i got married i had this delusion that i could cook.  2 years into the marriage and i realized, who was i kidding?!

While watching hubby’s favorite series, Entourage, he started complaining that he was hungry.  Poor soul!  So i told him i remember seeing some ingredients in the fridge that i could use to whip up a snack.

Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sandwich

I love toast because its so versatile.

Just brown the bread to perfection, add the cheese while in the oven until melty then sprinkle with bacon bits and top with another piece of toast.  (We actually had real bacon in the freezer but i was too lazy to defrost! hahaha!)

This is actually a no brainer but turned out real good.

The crunch of the toast as you bite in, ends with the creamy melted cheese flavored with the salty of the bacon bits.

“Don’t we have a sandwich maker?” Hubby asks happily chomping on the grilled cheese & bacon.
……looks like ill be making sandwiches more often from now on!

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