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Weekend Food Choices Week 18: Counting Our Blessings

Last weekend’s tragedy was a wake up call for all of us. Sometimes, we dont realize how much we have until we loose it…

Hubby and i have always valued our weekends together. We decided it was much too dangerous to venture out last weekend to de-stress. And after all the fear and chaos, we needed something simple and familiar to soothe our hunger.

I feared they might be closed. I actually tried to call twice the number posted on the Internet before we left the house but i was told it was incorrect. Poor resident must be ready to change their number as I can imagine they get such calls all the time!

Wonderfully, we found Charlie’s open and i learned of their (new?) number

Aside from the addition to Charlie’s original menu, their setting is now a little different from when we last ate there, believe it or not it’s been a while.

The counter has been moved out front making more room for the lines that usually form a tortuous mob inside the small establishment. The new set up seems much better in my opinion.

I also realized that they now serve desserts

What a nice surprise!

Service was pretty fast today even if majority of the tables were occupied.

Hubby was his predictable self and ordered his favorite
Angus Burger with Fries

This never fails to put a smile on our faces

The beef patty is perfectly grilled and juicy, the cheese thick and creamy and the burger loaded with fresh veggies! Lets not forget the delicious wedge fries! Yum!!!

Im so glad hubby ordered this because i got a good bite!

I decided that my “drive through the storm experience” the day before called for a more adventurous choice …
Pulled Pork with Coleslaw

-Ok, it’s not exactly adventurous, but then again, it is a dish i’ve never tried before!

Charlie’s pulled pork consists of strips of tender pork in barbecue sauce topped with white sauce that seemed to be mild mayo.

Now, I’m not a big fan of pure mayo but the big blob on my sandwich blended well with the flavored pork that I really didn’t mind. The pulled pork was great with a few drops of Tabasco followed by a mouthful of the soothing creaminess of the coleslaw that came with the dish.

For dessert we got the Frozen Brazo

It was nothing spectacular

but, for a dessert fan like me, the sweetness was indeed welcomed after such a hearty meal!

Its during times like these when you realize that even small pleasures seem such great blessings!

Lets continue to help the victims of the flood with our generosity and prayers and hope that the other storms coming our way miss us all together.


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