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Getting in on a Family Secret

I feel blessed to live in a community where food places are cropping up like mushrooms.

Just last week I discovered that a new dessert place opened on the street I pass by day in and day out.

So I excitedly coerced hubby into buying me sweets.

Apparently Lia’s Cakes in Season is not a new café. There’s a branch in Tomas Morato and one in Eastwood.

They specialize in freshly baked goodies and when i say freshly baked, im talking freshly baked. Half of the café is a kitchen where they make their cakes and cookies, which could go from oven to storage to your tummy without leaving the store.

The reason why Lia’s pastries are so special is that they try to minimize the use of refined sugar and instead use the fruit’s sweetness as a highlight to flavor their cakes.

If, however, you have a health condition that would require you to only consume sugar free cakes, Lia’s has pastries for you made with artificial sweetener.

When I got to the counter I readily asked the girl what their best seller was. Of course it was their avocado cake, the dessert featured in their banner out front. There were other interesting cake flavors in the display cooler and I was thinking of getting two different cake slices but hubby knocked some sense in my head and I decided to just try their special avocado cake for this visit.

This cake’s recipe came from a secret family recipe and I wanted to be in on the secret.

Hubby ordered their blueberry cheesecake

And we both enjoyed the cake slices with the café’s brewed coffee.

The cakes were subtly flavored, not too sweet but just enough of the fruit flavors to tickle our palates. The avocado cake was definitely interesting and would lure any butter pear fan with its flavors.

I can’t wait to go back to try their other goodies… hmm… their calamansi tea cake sounds interesting, or their fruity polvoron, or cookies… oh well, ill just have to wait for my next visit to get in on more family secrets…


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