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Weekend Food Choices Week 11: A Craving Satisfied

I was craving for some good Chinese food so here goes…

Weekend Food Choices:

  1. Kopi Tiam
  2. Mr. Choi
  3. Mongkok

Our Choice

we love going to Mr Choi for our quick chinese food fix

My Chinese food craving actually stemed from my craving for siopao and so that was definitely on the order list

Pan fried bola-bola siopao

it has ground meat, mushroom and eggg white. This oily version of the steamed siopao is doubly sinful but yummy especially when dipped in the siopao sauce.

Yang chow fried rice is a must for us at Chinese restaurants
Mr Choi Lem Chkn-5

We were happy that Mr. Choi now has a 1/2 order of our favorite rice but hubby said next time we might as well get the full order because our 1/2 order seemed only 1/4 of the full yang chow. I, on the other hand, thought it was just right for the two of us and would prevent over eating (?!). Although hubby pointed out that our take away viands would not have its appropriate yang chow partner if we finished the rice in the restaurant.

Mr Choi Lem Chkn-4
Mr. Choi’s yang chow fried rice, deliciou as always

Hubby ordered his favorite
Mr Choi Lem Chkn-8

And i got one of my favorites

Mr Choi’s Lemon Chicken is great because the sauce is just at the bottom of the dish and this keeps the chicken batter crispy

doesn’t that look like our favorite crispy lechon?! only its chicken…hahaha!

we finished our delicious dinner with chilled taho

and almond jelly

now that’s satisfying a craving!


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