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Finding Something New in Familiar Places

Its been drizzling since yesterday leaving Lima looking like a speckled pickle.

Cloudy days make me quite sad but new found dishes in familiar favorite places do make up for the gloom.

Hubby and i were trying to decide where to eat a couple of days ago after we found out no one was cooking for us (me and my allergy to cooking). We were roaming the mall, going in circles but hubby was giving every excuse why we should not eat in the places that i had in mind. That was of course until we neared one restaurant we frequent and without batting an eyelash, we were inside, seated at a table…makes me wonder if he had really wanted to go to this restaurant in the first place and was just being nice by asking where i wanted to eat…sneaky!!!

Can you guess where we ate?

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August 13, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | 5 Comments