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Weekend Food Choices Week 8: Craving for Pizza

Oh ive been so very busy that ive tons of folders of pictures for posting so here goes…

2 weeks ago, hubby decided to get into the “establishing the rules of the game role” and announced that it was my turn to give the 3 choices for our weekend food splurge. And like an eager beaver who was craving for thin crust pizza, i did not need to be asked twice.

Weekend Food Choices:

  1. Cibo
  2. Piazza Pazzo
  3. California Pizza Kitchen

Our Choice

Although we’ve passed by Pazzo countless times, we have never gone in to try their dishes.

Boy were we mistaken!

We had ordered their tomato, mozzarella, feta cheese, grilled eggplant with italian sausage and oregano creation.

Hubby and i loved it! Their thin crust pizzas are cut into 8 medium slices and is served with dried chili paste. It was good enough for my anti veggie hubby to gobble up 3 slices of grilled eggplant laden pizzas and for me to want to eat there again after a week! YUUUMMMYY!

We paired this delicious pizza with an equally delicious pasta. Spaghettini with shrimp, garlic, fresh tomato, mozarrella and basil

The delicious food was great with pazzo’s fresh grape shake

And how could we i not order gelato for dessert?!

I decided to go conservative and get the milk gelato with strawberries.  Hubby loved it as well!

The pizza and the rest of the dishes were so good i was asking if we could break our weekend food choices the week after to return to pazzo…

…still craving for more!

-photos taken with my Omnia-


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