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A Surprise up an Alley

A couple of weeks ago my friend LAA called the SGDF to set a long over due dinner date. We found ourselves up an alley at Home Depot

I was actually surprised there were already so many restaurants in between the big restaurants that front Home Depot. This is exciting I thought!

Buffalo Wings & Things has a simple menu written on a chalk board.

When we got there our friends already ordered the triple sampler. You could choose 3 flavors of the buffalo wings.

I loved the garlic parmesan! It was my favorite among the three flavors they ordered.

The others were good too

Hubby ordered the Quesadilla

And I ordered the mini burger

While we were all chatting 2 promo girls came to our table and challenged any one of us to the stacker. LG rose to the challenge.

There were 2 practice sessions and then the real thing.

He beat the time allotted and won!

We all had a great time chatting and catching up. We ended the evening with coffee next door and with the promise to see each other again soon, we all headed home.

The company was wonderful and the food deliciously simple. It was a great way to spend the evening at a wonderful find up an alley!


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