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Weekend Food Choices Week 4: Consistent Satisfaction is the Key

We bought advance tickets to Imax to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen last weekend and so before our 7pm movie date, we decided to have dinner.

Weekend Food Choices:
1. Don Henricos
2. Jatujak
3. KFC

Our Choice:

This is one of the best fast food Thai restaurant that hubby and i have been to and we just can’t help but keep coming back. This time, we brought Tat along to taste their delicious dishes.

Because we were all absolutely thirsty from our walk around the mall, we all ordered refillable mint and lemon grass beverages

I love this beverage because it is so refreshing! Their Thai iced tea is delicious as well and is a must try.

We absolutely love their tom yum soup and is always on our table when we eat at JatuJak

The warm gingery broth of this dish makes for a great comfort food. Its kept nice and hot by the flame under the pot.

We ordered the mixed seafood tom yum and because hubby forgot to specify that he wanted the soup extra spicy, i happily slurped the broth without making my eyes water.

We decided to try their Pho Pia

These fried spring rolls had glass noodles, minced pork and mushrooms in it. It was nice and crispy and because the filling was not all meat, it doesn’t really dampen your appetite for the main course.

I was craving for their Pad Thai

i love these noodles!

For the main course, Tat requested for the chicken pan dan

These tender chicken pieces infused with pandan flavor from the leaf covering them was a good choice.

and this was delicious with the bagoong rice that hubby ordered.

I had actually wanted drip coffee but hot coffee was not available at this branch and because my two dinner dates were not dessert people, we decided to forgo the sweets and enjoy the lemon grass beverages as we waited for the movie.

The movie was great but like majority of sequel movies, i think i kind of liked the first one better…

Not quite like our trips to JatuJak where every dining experience is consistent with the satisfaction of the previous ones!


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  1. the thai iced tea looks so tempting….

    Comment by doggybloggy | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. We always see Jatuchak in Megamall but haven’t tried dining there. It was named after one of the largest weekend markets in the world where my wife and I have explored during the days of our honeymoon in Bangkok.
    That last photo of bagoong rice looks really inviting. hmmm….

    Comment by docgelo | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’ve never been able to sample their pad Thai, but I swear by their tom yam and the spring rolls. Oh, and the creamy Thai iced tea makes me smile. šŸ˜€

    Comment by Midge | July 2, 2009 | Reply

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