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Weekend Food Choices Week 3: Not for the Lazy Bones

Last weekend was Father’s Day and we i got all excited with the preparations.

Weekend Food Choices
1. Dampa
2. Dusit Thani
3. Home

Our Choice:

The Crossover Family Sunday Brunch Buffet is offered every sunday 11am-3pm at Dusit Thani. Hubby and i have wanted to try this for quite sometime now, and Father’s Day seemed to be the best time for it.

The crossover buffet is called as such because you literally can cross over to the 4 different restaurants of Dusit Thani to sample each of the restaurants dishes. What makes it more fun is that there is always a kids zone at the hotel lobby so that while mom and dad are checking out the buffet tables, kiddies can check out the fun activities!

because last sunday was father’s day, they added a couple of booths just for the daddies…but lets look at the buffet first!

we all had a hard time trying to figure out where to treat Tat on father’s day and so when we finally decided on Dusit Thani and reserved, tables at umu were already all taken. The receptionist i talked to over the phone suggested Tosca, instead. She claimed that the ambiance was better than the others.

This italian restaurant is located at the mezzanine.

at buffets, i always head to the bread and cold cuts for starters

while hubby always starts off with salad

there was free flowing sparking wine for all the diners

yay! bubbly!

after a couple of plates of Tosca’s dishes, we headed to Umu

this Japanese restaurant is at the ground floor of Dusit Thani. So down the stairs we went and through a hall. What greeted us was a restaurant with more subdued lighting and a line of people for the buffet table.

the sushi and sashimi display was a beauty!

but unfortunately, they ran out of my salmon sashimi when it was my turn to hoard.

i was roaming around Umu because i wanted tempura but i was told it was at Basics so i decided my plate full was enough for the time being.

Because we had to either take the winding staircase or the elevator to get back to our tables at Tosca, our game plan was to get 2 plates each so that we did not have to keep going down for our favorite dishes. This turned out to be a balancing act and we eventually forgot to get chopsticks! So after depositing our plates at Tosca at the mezzanine, hubby and i went down to Basics, an international restaurant, on the ground floor to get our chopsticks and tempura. But when we got there, the buffet table was just so tempting that we again started filling 2 plates each!

obviously, there was more than what’s on these photos but we just got a little impatient going up and down the mezzanine that the moment we sat down, there was no waiting for the click of the camera…the food on our plates was immediately consumed!

The last restaurant we sampled was Benjarong, a thai restaurant at the same level of Tosca. By this time however, i was feeling a bit full and just wanted to taste their soup. I chose the Tom Yum Clear soup

while hubby got a plate of thai noodles and coconut based tom yum

After my gingery soup, i was ready for dessert! But the lure of the activities downstairs was just too tempting for me, so Tat and i went down to see what was in store for the dads.

all the dads got a bag of goodies

and a few minutes of free massage, which i may add was really good! See even the non dads could sample this relaxing treat and i was not one to miss out!

There were also other activities like the mini golf 3 hole course contest

i was prodding both the dad and the aspiring dad i was with to join but they were just not into it

there was also the darts contest but the shy daddies i was with were not in a competitive mood

winners got overnight stay at Dusit, GC for the crossover buffet, the Wanders show and a bag of goodies from Toby’s.

it was almost 3pm by the time i had my fill of activity watching so we headed to the buffet table

unfortunately, the thai ice drop i wanted to sample was gone! so i just had to content myself on the belgian waffle coned ice cream.

the Crossover Sunday Family Brunch Buffet is a fun experience especially if you have kids with you who would enjoy the various activities. But frankly, because of all the long distance walking from one buffet table to another, this would not be my first choice of buffets to eat at. 

im such a lazy bone!


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  1. wow, you finally have tried dusit thani’s family crossover brunch! when we dined there a couple of months ago, we had umu as our base-restaurant.
    ebi tempura and teppanyaki sections were at the inner right side of umu. i like the ambiance of umu more.
    we love it there and would go back in the next few months.

    Comment by docgelo | June 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. I didn’t know about this crossover brunch when we visited Makati in December! Actually, I had heard about Dusit Thani the hotel and was aware of the Thai restaurant by the same name but didn’t know about these restaurants. I would just park myself in front of the sushi bar and never leave! What a great Father’s Day brunch!

    Comment by Tangled Noodle | June 24, 2009 | Reply

  3. hi doc! belated happy fathers day! you were so lucky to have had umu as your base restaurant! we would have wanted to do the same. last sunday they placed the tempura at Basic but kept the teppanyaki at the other side of the sashimi section. im sure your little boy enjoys the kids zone =)

    hi tangled noodle! the perfect table would be the one right in front of the sushi bar! yum!

    Comment by mrs lavendula | June 24, 2009 | Reply

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