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Improvising to Satisfy our Craving

It was a few hours after dinner when our grumbling tummies lead us to the kitchen cupboard. Gathering this and that, we came up with this

we had bought this pack of noodles a while back but never got the chance to use it

but tonight, the noodles met extremes of temperatures

we cooked the soba for 6 minutes

and immediately submerged it in iced water

this avoids over cooking which can lead to soggy soba!

the cooled noodles were then placed it in our plastic improvised zaru

then we got to work on making the dipping sauce.  60% cold water and 40% tempura soy sauce with wasabi to your hearts desire makes a great partner for the cold soba!

what a simple snack that deliciously satisfied our midnight craving!

we must get ourselves an authentic zaru! but for now, this will do…

what are you craving for this evening?


June 19, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | , , | 8 Comments