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Desires of a Bum

i spent the day at home trying to straighten out some documents and 30 minutes before dinner, i feel my tummy growling and my brain wanting a slice of meaty and cheesy pizza…..

it did not help that heart to heart, the blog site i frequent, featured a variety of pizza’s they’ve tried and tested. all the photos look absolutely delicious!

although i like reading news on the net, i still like sifting through the newspaper as i have my breakfast. and for the past couple of days, flyers of the viva lasagna pizza from pizza hut kept falling from the pages of our door delivered newsprint. it was enough temptation so that the other day, tat ordered a box to try pizza huts new creation.

it had the usual tomato sauce, meat and strips of lasagna pasta on top

it was not bad but it was a bit on the dry side and i would have wished it to be more cheesy…but hey, who’s complaining?  i finished 2 slices! hehehe!

…maybe we’ll order another box of pizza tonight, from one of my favorite pizza places… less the pouring rain stop the delivery guy from braving the streets…


June 3, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | , | 7 Comments