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A Tub of Worms

im home alone on a friday night because hubby went on a photo shoot with the boys.

what to do, what to do…

after i finished reading my favorite blogs, im feeling a bit sleepy and bored … and i find myself reaching for the tub of worms beside my laptop

i grew up familiar with a white van passing our strasse 2-3 times a week playing happy music luring children out of their homes like the pied piper, to buy gummibarchen. i was never a big fan of the original gummibar and would be content with indulging once in a while in these rubbery sweets.

it was a couple of months ago when i suddenly had a craving for sour gummies that i visited the candy aisle in the grocery, an aisle ive been trying to stay away from for a while now. dismayed that there were no sour gummi bears on stock, i settled for the sour worms by trolli instead. i just bought a little packet, thankful when i tasted the gummies because i knew i would not have been able to stop myself from finishing the whole pack if i had bought a large one.

but because hubby loves to indulge me in my cravings, he went to the grocery last week and surprised me with a tub of sour gummi worms!

my favorite would have to be the red and yellow worms because they are the most sour of the batch.  i can feel my salivary glands working as i write this blog!

these orange and green ones are for those who like their gummies on the sweeter side

and these red and blue ones, hold on let me see *chomp-chomp-chomp* i cant seem to describe it *chomp-chomp-chomp* ….. let me taste another one *chomp-chomp* … how can i describe them… well, hmmm, they’re … more neutral (for lack of a better description!)

ok, id better put these wigglies away before i finish them off!  goodness!  i can already see the bottom of the tub!


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Cooling Off with a Treat

the last two days have been ultra hot! after i thought that the heat wave had come and gone a couple of months ago, yesterday happened…36 degrees!  just standing still made beads of sweat form on my forehead arrghh!

what better way to cool off on a sizzling day but to grab a frozen yogurt cooler!

ive always loved yogurt in its traditional form (plain, in a tub, and cooled in the fridge) and when frozen yogurt became a popular dessert, i followed the hype to my delight!

Red Mango is one of the last frozen yogurt brands i haven’t tested and the heat which began last Sunday propelled us to the Red Mango store in Eastwood Mall that day.

despite the lure of all the yummy looking toppings, i ordered a plain jane, the green tea yogurt smoothie. i liked the organic taste but hubby gave his official statement “lasang dahon!” (it tastes like leaves). but dont be fooled by the anti-veggie’s verdict.   its gooood and cold, enough to give me a brain freeze!

…obviously, it was too good to wait for a photo shoot!

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Pigs are not meant to Fly

last sunday, hubby and i decided we would check out the new eastwood mall to see what all the hype was about. we heard that the cinema was peachy and resolved to watch angels and demons there. we found only a couple of seats left at cinema 7 all of which were front row so we decided to just get seats at another hall.

cinema 7 was labeled ultra, although i dont exactly know why its called that as i lost interest in asking the girl behind the counter because she obviously was just interested in selling me our tickets already as she looked like she was too engrossed in her conversation with another ticket girl -dont you just hate it when people behind the counter are like that?! i did see that it only had a few seats as shown by the monitor when we tried to reserve seats. anyone know how different this cinema hall is from the others? lazy boy seats maybe?

anyway, when we entered cinema 4 we saw that it was much smaller than the ones we usually go to in rockwell. as i sat in our middle choice seats, i realized that the small cinema hall was very nice, red plush walls, seats that recline to a certain degree, and nice new floors! it was placed at the top of my list of where to see good movies.

after a satisfying trip to the cinema, hubby and i decided to have dinner, it was a toss up between mythai and flying pig and because the weather was too hot for spicy food, we decided to follow our carnivore instinct and headed to flying pig.

it had a laid back ambiance with quirky posters on the walls

we ordered sashimi because i was craving for raw fish

this was not exceptional really, the maguro was not the melt in your mouth kind, but hey, i ordered fish in a pork restaurant so i was very forgiving

the sashimi plate called a duo, had a teriyaki laden maguro portion which was…well, different definitely, but nothing i would crave for

we also ordered ilocandia carbonara, as hubby was craving for white sauce pasta

this was warm and creamy with a slightly unorthodox taste, we realized it was probably the the famous sausage from the north and hence, the name ilocandia carbonara…again, it was different but not a wow

for the main dish of the meal, we ordered a half slab of baby back ribs in honey and pomegranate basting with cheddar mashed potato on the side

the rack was meaty and the flavor tasty but it was not the fall off the bone i had imagined it to be. although it didnt really state in the menu “fall of the bone baby back”, i had just expected that it would be a standard. the dish was not bad but far from exceptional either.

now comes the saddest part of dinner…
i always want to try new restaurants’ desserts, but with the mediocre dishes hubby and i tasted, we decided to just make a safe choice of creme brulee (although ive heard, its not really easy to make this).

hmmm, looks good i thought, but the goodness just stayed in my thoughts…

the plain creme brulee was bready, full of holes and had water in it as if it had been in the fridge for quite some time *tearful*

the chocolate creme brulee had very coarse nuts on top of, again, a bready consistency of what was supposed to be creamy dessert, ive tasted better brownies…

and this last version had a hint of mango but i was just too sad to even care…

lets just face it, i guess pigs are not really meant to fly…

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Just Another Manic Monday

Last weekend one of lima’s tires got busted (a horrible experience) and because hubby felt sorry for me… he got me new rims!

SSR rims

ok, the “felt sorry” part is kind of going overboard, but yes, we did get these gold SSR for me

SSR rims-2

this is how lima’s tires looked initially

SSR rims-3

and this is my personal tire changer (AKA hubby) installing the new rims with his pneumatic impact gun and wearing his official uniform hehehe!

SSR rims-4


SSR rims-6

and so i went to work this morning with lima wearing her new shoes yay! *wootwoot*

and just as i thought that was the highlight of my day, when i got home, i found more goodies!!!  hubby had for me a little package ive been waiting for, maybe for 3 weeks now!!

B&F with DRoberts-2

*hopping up and down*

B&F with DRoberts

i could not open it until after dinner, i just wanted to savor the unopened envelope! hehehe! im such a masochist!

B&F with DRoberts-3

finally after dinner, i ripped open the package

B&F with DRoberts-4

B&F with DRoberts-5

B&F with DRoberts-6

my Borders & Frontiers shirt designed by one of my favorite artist, Danny Roberts

B&F with DRoberts-7

my treasure…

B&F with DRoberts-8

hmmm…i wonder if ill ever really wear this or just keep it as a collection?!?…  i loooovvveee it!

now, who ever said mondays are always manic, could be right… as i am happily manic today!

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What a surprise!

Did you get to watch the AI finale?!


hubby and i have never really been fans of AI.  hubby cringes when he sees people making a fool of themselves and the AI audition is no exception.  however  i did get hooked during the time of the top 7 of AI 2009 and ive been routing for Kris Allen ever since.  i thought Adam was just too … well, i wasnt really into his style.

i got up this morning almost missing the finale, relived that they were still performing when i turned the tube on.  i caught the performance of Adam with KISS which was cool!  hubby and i love Gene Simmons because of the reality show.  he’s so down to earth without the make up and acts like the average dad.  he’s so funny!

…anyway, back to the AI finale, i thought Adam’s performance was really good.  he was hitting even the lower notes and less of the shrieking.  and so when the two finalist stood there, i had no doubt Adam was going to win.  Looking at Kris, i kind of thought he looked resolved to walk away second place as well.  when they announced the winner, i was more than thrilled, jumping up and down like a happy kid.  hahaha!  im sure hubby would have given me the wierd look if he was here!

What a surprise!!!  Life can really turn up the most interesting results!

What did you think of the American Idol 2009 results?

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