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Imagination and Good Food

i remember as a child, i was always told not to play with my food.  it was hard at times because my imagination had a tendency to run wild (must be all those story books as a kid).

today, several years after leaving the comforts of home to start my own, my creative imagination can still be as rich as it was back then.

now, doesn’t this look like a centurion to you?


a yummy one at that!  i had taken notice after biting into what seemed to be the best empanada i had ever tasted in my life.  i could not resist taking a photo to document my great find and after looking at my shot, my imagination just got the better of me! hahaha!

i first tasted San Lo’s Famous Empanada after sampling one at Rockwell’s Bakers Dozen.

after sinking my teeth into the sweet crust and savory chicken filling, i was hooked!


each of the empanada costs around P55, a little steep for an empanada you might say, but its well worth a try.  to say the least, if i was asked to eat just the crust of this delicious pie, i would gladly ask for seconds, thats how good it is!  its sweet, buttery and crispy crust, and the hot, creamy chicken filling is such a treat…yuuuum….

i confess, i gobbled up the centurion in less than 2 minutes, craving for a second one!  now thats good food!


April 29, 2009 Posted by | Meandering | 6 Comments