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discoveries after the wedding bells


there are only 2 people i know who does not like chocolates: a good doctor in training and my hubby.

yes, i, the chocolate lover, married a non chocolate eating man!  but because he loves me so, he allows me to store tons of chocolate bars in the fridge and buys me my favorite chocolates when he goes on trips.

the last time he was gone for 2 months, he brought home my favorite reeses pieces (the gigantic kind!), raisinets and a box of truffles from cousins C&RR (thanx so much!).


opening the box, i was faced with a serious dilemma


honestly, i just couldnt choose which to sample first. but i picked a truffle and one thing lead to another…

the maple and raspberry variety became my favorite.

and as i took a bite of the last truffle, i thought to myself, why would anyone not want to eat chocolates?


odd indeed!


April 25, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | 3 Comments