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Missing the Caffeine

its been a long time since ive had good coffee, or any coffee for that matter. the weather is just too hot for morning brewed coffee and im too tamad (lazy) to make the iced version.

today my craving got me thinking of the time hubby and i had afternoon coffee at UCC.


i had started feeling sleepy after a disappointing lunch (a whole different post all together) and i decided to redeem our saddened tummies with dessert and coffee.


hubby got his iced latte which looked absolutely heavenly and tasted equally good.

we paired our coffee orders with UCC’s caramel cheese cake.


this was really yummy!

this cheese cake is not your usual new york cheese cake which you find in most coffee shops. this is more of a soft spongy cheese pastry with caramel sauce drizzled over it. it was really good and light, perfect for an after meal dessert.


i decided to order my usual siphon brewed sumiyaki which is a real pick-me-upper. ive never really paid much attention to how this siphon brewer works and that day, i was curious. unfortunately when i asked permission to take photos of the process, the waitress told me it was not allowed so i just went ahead and took some paparazzi shots. *giggle*


the brewing process is done in a chemistry set like apparatus where freshly ground beans are placed on the top chamber and water in the lower chamber. the glass containing the water is directly placed over a flame which then boils the water and sends it moving up to the ground beans. this movement, and a few stirring motion with a bamboo wisk, cools the water and sends it back down saturated with the coffee. here’s a demo of the whole process taken in a tokyo bar

my sumiyaki was delicious and as always, made my day…

i miss my caffeine fix!


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