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compatibility of difference

hubby came home, and both of us were excited to share our new finds.

i had wanted to show him the site of my new favorite blog, ichigo, buko and mr roboto and he wanted to show me the work of his new fave photographer joe mcnally.

i of course went first, after my “you’re not listening to me” dialogue! hehehe!


ive always loved details in pictures and this blog has tons of it.


it features the fun ichigo, buko and mr roboto has as a family, captured on film digital images.


and when i was done raving,

i let hubby step into the spotlight.


he wanted to show me joe mcnally, photojournalist turned master of color and light.

interestingly enough, the first shots were those of ballet dancers. now, im no anna pavlova but as a child, i loved ballet and at one time i thought i wanted to dance professionally, until i didnt get the lead part at the nutcracker and then decided i just wanted to be normal.


when we saw this shot we sat both in awe, but interestingly enough, it was due to different reasons. i loved the details of the dancer in this photo with a contrast of the shadows on the wall, while he loved the soft lighting and the fact that an SB-900 was used as a slave outside of the studio window in the rain to produce this shot.

with my interest hooked, we watched on.

now you might have thought that this photo up top was the product of a thoughtless shot by a passing photographer.  however, i would never have thought that this needed 3 storbes, 2 on the left and one on the floor in front of the subject to emphasize the details i so love in images.

again amazed at the shot, i was starting to get what hubby was so hyped about.

then this photo was shown and we were both blown away.


this was taken at twilight with 12 strobes at different angles and levels, to produce a shot which seemed effortlessly done.

this time we were both mesmerized by the same things, the details as well as the lighting.  beautiful!

and at that instance i fully understood.

we may look at the same photo but sometimes see different things initially.  but in the end, one thing is for sure, our different interests do merge into one. we both love images and details as well as lighting, be it available or made available (if you know what i mean)!


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  1. Very nice, my wife is a budding photographer so is always interested in things such as this. I will bookmark and share with her. Thanks!

    Comment by Replacement Windows | April 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. we’re glad you enjoyed reading our blog:)


    Comment by ichigo, buko & mr. roboto | April 22, 2009 | Reply

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