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Easy Way Out

there are just some things in life we love to do, and some things we’d rather ignore. for me, one of the things i’d rather forget would be cleaning my laptop.

you see, i thrive daily on my good old white apple which seems to attract smudge and soot (as if a chimney is anywhere near!) like a magnet.  and when hubby started to notice, he bought me a cleaner that’s supposed to remove the dirt.  its been on our shelves for a couple of months now but it wasn’t until the recent vacation that i braved my way to the long forgotten cleaning pads.


the instructions were easy enough, i thought,

it said wet, wipe, done….


i could not believe my eyes!

the dirt just slid off as if powder on a tabletop! sorry there is no “before picture” as i did not think these pads to be miracle workers worthy of any shutter time but i was so amazed i just had to share! hahaha!

if i had known it to be this easy, i would have given my lovely tech companion a much needed wipe ages ago!  but the fear of difficulty and sheer laziness kept me from it…

and like most difficult things in life, the real easy way out is just to get it over with!  after that, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to move on!


April 14, 2009 Posted by | Gadgets | | 3 Comments