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discoveries after the wedding bells

when time goes by at a snail’s pace

the holy week always gives us the opportunity to slow down.

this year will be a week-long vacation for most, a month for me…now whether this is a good thing (for my soul) or not (for my wallet), i will just have to be content.

my first week was a big relief after 3 stressful months, but as the 2nd week comes to a close, this busy body is feeling impatience creeping on. but i guess a few more days of my time at a snail’s pace wouldnt be so bad, after all, i do still need to start on my summer crossing…

speaking of snails, our cook is back and surprised me a couple of days ago with one of my favorite “bizarre food” dish, escargot!


im not sure if a lot of people i know like snails but i love them! this was prepared by soaking the shelled goodies in cold water for, well, i was told a long time, and then cooked in coconut milk and green pepper for that extra kick!

i enjoyed the dish so much that by the end of our meal, i had a mountain of empty shells on my plate! it was delicious!

i dont get the chance to have escargot very often so this dish really made my slow day wonderful!


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