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The Carnivore, Silenced

my hubby, the carnivore, is not one to jump for joy when he is served greens. infact, the only leafy veggy that he will agree to eat would be lettuce! talk about variety! now i, on the other hand, came from a home where vegetables were always a part of a meal. hubby says that the reason why i have 2 big front teeth was that i was a bunny in another lifetime! *sarcastic* harharhar …

so when i told him i had wanted to try good burger, he just kept silent, probably wishing i would forget all about it. unfortunately for him, a branch opened a couple of streets away from us and he had no choice but to pass by it every single day!

last week, we were left without our usual help and i was forced a couple of times to turn on the stove to cook fry ready marinated pieces of meat from the freezer.  that wasnt so bad…  ok, lets not create a riot by asking the poor fellas who ate my cooked outer but still partly raw fried chicken…so that at the end of day 2, i was ready to treat the whole household to restaurant food until our help came back, and thats when i realized it was a perfect opportunity to try the ever evaded “good” burger.

and so after a procrastinating look at their menu on the much neglected delivery card posted on our fridge, hubby settled for their bacon mozza melt (burger with bacon and mozzarella), while i excitedly ordered for the 3 cheese burger (patty with cream cheese, mozzarella and their cheese sauce) and tat got the garlic barbecue (burger with, well, barbecue sauce).

not 20 minutes in to the 30 that we were told wait, our orders were delivered to our door step!


although i could tell i was the only one excited to see the bag’s contents, the loot smelled promising as i took out the still warm foil wrapped burgers.


they looked small, i mused, but then again we ordered the “good” size.

the burgers come in good, better, and best sizes and because we were full from a buffet lunch, we decided the smallest burger would see our tummies through the night.

you could order your good burger with a chicken or veggie patty, depending on your choice and the bread, white or wheat (although they charge an extra P5 for wheat bread).

hubby and i both got veggie patties while tat got chicken.


unwrapping the sandwich revealed soft bread almost like a pandesal with a burger patty tucked in between the sliced bread bun.  very noticable was the cheese strings stretching as i peeled away the burgers wrapping.  CHHHHEEESSSEE!!! YUM!

i took a bite of the warm, freshly grilled burger and satisfactorily chewed.  it was pretty good!  and if i hadnt know, i wouldnt have suspected the patty was not beef.  and their cheese….gosh, i loved it!

tat’s chicken burger patty also looked like the regular beef patty and was not the white dry or tough meat we had imagined it might be.  hmmm, id probably like to try that next time…

i was already into my 2nd or 3rd bite when i noticed hubby was not speaking.

uh-oh i thought, he’s probably gingerly still looking at his burger inspecting if they forgot to mask anything leafy or green.

but when i looked to my right, there he was, chomping on his veggie burger…


“that wasnt so bad”, i said as carefully as i could, trying not to be too enthusiastic as it might add insult to injury if he didnt fancy the burger.

i waited for a reply, but hubby just nodded, mouth slightly curved up into a smile, too full to utter a response!


……post script

oh yeah, there were also wedged fries but we totally forgot to take photos of it before they were gobble up!  and dont be fooled by the “small” burger, it was pretty heavy and we were filled to the brim!


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