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discoveries after the wedding bells

i adore(a) quiet time alone

a mentor was once shocked when i said i enjoyed eating at good restaurants alone.  now dont get me wrong, i love discovering good dining places with hubby and i would not trade that time for anything in the world, but when push comes to shove, i really dont mind eating by myself.

an ideal place for my quiet get away would be a cafe with good service, where i could take my time enjoying my food (and yes of course taking photos).

i learned of cafe adora through jenni epperson and i was excited to check the place out.

i got my chance when i had to go to greenbelt one wednesday in search of hubby’s “perfect” birthday cake, and was stumped on where to have a light lunch after an unsuccessful treasure hunt.

i passed by adora during my search and i realized that it was my chance to try out the place.  the news of the anya hindmarch collection arriving in town and exclusively carried by this store, of course was not a bad extra treat!

ushered by one of their employees to the end of the lower level of the store, i found myself in a little cafe, tucked in between racks and shelves of fashion items.  i was seated at one of the tables of then, a near empty cafe.

privacy – check!

a simple one page menu consisting of tartines, salads, desserts and drinks, was presented to me and right off, i knew what i wanted.

cafe-adorathere was no doubt i wanted the saumon fume, oeuf organique et mascarpone because it consists of the 3 of my favorite food items!


the fresh orange juice also sounded lovely!


the waiter suggested that the gruyere cheese and chips would go well with my tartine and i believed him…


fortunately, i was not disappointed!  this dish is not on the regular menu, so ask if you want to try it out.

it did not take long before my open faced sandwich was served and i was happy with what i saw.


a generous serving of smoked salmon, lay on a good looking slice of bread topped with an egg, cooked to perfection (call me crazy but im very particular about how my sunny side up is cooked over easy, right SSE?)


im not sure if i was just hungry with such a late lunch that day, but my dish did not only look good, it tasted wonderfully delicious!  the mascarpone, hidden under the smoked salmon, gave a creamy surprise as the flavors blend in your palate!

after a few bites, the waiter made his rounds (the cafe now had several tables of customers) and asked how i found my salmon.  its delicious, i told him!

good service – check!


after finishing my dish, i was asked if i had wanted some coffee or tea, but i had to decline.

if i was not pressed for time, i would have ordered an espresso and started on my truman capote novel, but that was out of the question.

maybe sometime soon…

cafe adora is a place i would certainly recommend for a simple lunch or dessert date with a friend.  it also would be a wonderful get away from the busy shopping area just outside its doors, or, like me, who just needs an excuse to look at the new line of items exclusively carried by the store housing this cafe. *wink*

im now wondering how their coffee is.  maybe my curiosity will bring me back there… sooner than i think.

in my opinion, cafe adora might just become my favorite place for some quiet time alone.

my appologies for the poor pictures!  the lights were pretty subdued and i only had my omnia at that time


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