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A Blue Birthday

it was hubby’s birthday today and i was scrambling this morning to find the best blueberry cheesecake i could buy because that is his one and only favorite dessert (talk about cramming!).

i looked in greenbelt but couldnt locate the elusive cheesecake (or maybe i was too engrossed with with the anya hindmarch in adora! mwahaha!) and so i threw caution to the wind (in other words i was out of time!!!) and just got one from conti’s.


ive never tasted the blueberry cheesecake from this pastry shop before but it looked good enough with a unique crust that enveloped the pie, or so i thought…


after the pie box had been opened and the cheesecake served and tested…well, hubby verbalized it was good but i could tell bday boy was not too happy.


the first thing i noticed when we opened the box was the crust that apparently enveloped the pie had a good 1cm clearance from the cheesecake. i thought that i had just transported the cake wrong and created the booboo. but of course the blueberry topping was not a thing to be happy about either. not only was it thin comprising mostly of gooey sauce but it didnt even coat the whole cheesecake top! *a bop on the head for not scrutinizing the item before it was placed in the box!*

and the most disappointing thing is the cheesecake was more like a foam cake than anything else! its like whipped foam thickened with a hint of cheesecake!


overall rating:    
crust -failed!
blueberry topping -failed!
cheesecake -failed!

goodness! i think thats the worst cake ive ever bought!

looks like we have to score a jackpot on sundays food adventure to make up for todays blue birthday!


March 18, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | , | 7 Comments