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Food for the Brain can cause Fire in the Stomach

i remember when i was in primary school my mom would always buy tons of peanuts during exam week for us to munch on while we were studying.  she said it was food for the brain.

ive currently locked myself up for the last stretch of my review and have snacked on a couple of staples while im at it.

reviewmy ever favorite almond roca

review-2a few sweets our household help cooks up

and yesterday, as we were exiting the mall after grocery, i noticed a peanut world stall and decided that in times of panic, mother knows best!


there were a variety of nuts to choose from but knowing hubby and my love for spicy food, i got a bag of skinless spicy adobo peanuts to share (or maybe not!)


i love theses oily smooth and crunchy peanuts with bits of bitter toasted garlic! i can be so shallow! hehehe!

when i pointed out which variety of peanuts i wanted to the vendor, she sounded a bit surprised when i said i had wanted the spicy kind.

did i not look like a person who can take the heat?!

but i kind of got the idea as i dug into the bag this morning. when they said spicy, they were not kidding!


the spicy sensation did not only last until my taste buds but i could actually feel when it was already in my stomach! im not quite sure what they used to spice these nuts up. whatever it was, you could see the hot evidence by the red smear on the surface of some of the peanuts.

but because spicy food are known for enhancing the appetite, i kind of just gobbled up half the bag until i actually noticed and decided to stop (and save my stomach from fiery ulcers!).  ill probably finish it later on but for now, its back to those makeshift test questions i made on my rainbow index cards!



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