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When great coffee is not enough

The double shot of espresso i ordered seem to be working very slowly today as i had gulped down my coffee for that eye wide open feel but instead find myself drifting into dream land.


I was relieved of this morning’s workload & so have a chance to stay at my coffee nook to finish a few more pages in my book.

My mind kept wandering to the pack of potato chips on the counter which my frugal mind & sabbatical wallet resisted on end.

After all, i did have my share of chips last night while watching the latest episode of csi las vegas.


This huge pack was bought in an unlikely store in maybunga and is deliciously paired with a spicy cheezy dip i was introduced to during training.


If i saw this can in the grocery i would probably walk right by it, but this is so good i could finish half the can all by myself in one sitting.


Hubby loves this nacho chip & spicy cheeze dip combo.

A little kid running outside distracts my thoughts.  And just as well because wallowing in my snack thoughts is such torture!

Summer seem to have arrived early  this year as if a consequence of the surprisingly cold weather we had earlier & my forgetfulness to bring my tumbler & reusable shopping bag.

The sun is shinning outside, tempting me to go window shopping, but i cant, i have to glue my bottom to this chair & cross the finish line.

Maybe ill reward myself with a nacho munch when i get home.  That seems like a good deal!  For now, i need to resist all surrounding temptations & content myself with my double cafe latte.


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