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conquering the garage

everybody goes through challenges in life.


lately, my schedule has gone from the most predictable to not at all, and i have been forced to get back on the road all by myself.

it has been a while since ive driven to where i need and want to go, mostly because hubby has always insisted to take me wherever -ive always thought it was such a waste of his time but he always claimed it was all ok, that is, until now when mid day travel during weekdays in my schedule simply cannot be accommodated by his.


i had no problems coming and going but what i feared most was parking in our garage.

you see, hubby is a chip off my OC persona and require the cars to be backed up into the garage and not driven into it. between the other cars and the wall extension supporting his tool closet was my parking spot.

so on the first day out, hubby rode on the passenger side giving feedback on my driving skills (or the lack of it from the point of view of a track driver!). we did get home in one piece (safe from other motorists and from any major arguments). but as if a final test waiting for me, there it was, the garage door sliding open waiting for me to maneuver through it *faint*

with a final word of encouragement from my navigator, i slid the car through the gate and backed up into my parking space.

the next day, i went down to the garage to get something i had left the day before and i noticed that i had parked quite well. i wanted to give myself a big pat on the back! *horraay!* what a no brainer to worry about in the first place!


i guess thats how things work in life.

there are certain tasks that you dont really want to tackle at the moment (or ever -if the higher being permits) but sometimes circumstances give you no choice, and no matter how you whine and bawl because you feel you’re being cheated out of a trouble free life, you still need to face the music.

there are people who turn and try to walk away from reality shutting their eyes to what they need to do only to find themselves no farther away from what they were running away from, that it was really just themselves they were fooling by not addressing the issues at hand. but there are others, the wiser few, who take the bull by its horns and get on the ride just to realize that its not so bad after all. these people succeed earlier in life.


not long ago i was talking to a wiser friend of mine and complained that i was at a crossroad. at this point in my life when everyone my age already had a path to follow, i did not know what to do next. i knew my destination but the two roads to it, one long and the other short, both shared their pros and cons. my insightful friend said that there was no right and wrong way because both paths led to the same place, that i would just have to decide if i wanted the long and scenic route or the short but difficult one. either way, i was going to get to where i wanted to go.  i just had to choose my fancy, and get started on my journey.

i do hope she was right.

only time will tell, but so far the long and scenic route seem to suite me just fine.


and so my parking space in the garage remains to be where it has always been, but now, it doesnt seem so daunting anymore. i come and go as i please, happy (except for having to pay my own petrol!) and more confident at what i do. all because i decided, the time had come for conquering the garage!


(all photos taken by hubby with a Nikon D300 )


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