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I was so restless yesterday morning trying to sit still and absorb the lines on the pages of my book. Sounds of various conversations, some interesting, some annoying. Thoughts of being mobile independently, getting a good work out, lunch dates with long lost friends and travel filled my head. A good view of the sunny day through the big glass wall beckoned me for a stroll, maybe a good cup of frozen yogurt, maybe a treasure find in one of the stores, maybe just to get away from nelsons for a while. Maybe i will heed the call, just for a few minutes & at d expense of a few more bills i could spare with my sabbatical allowance…
So down the paved walk i went intending to buy something to help me focus and to my delight the bookstore doors were being unlocked so happily i got behind the first book enthusiast and entered. Dont you just love the smell of bookstores? The new crisp pages gives me a sense of calm & takes me back to summer days spent worry-free in the endless rows of childrens books. 4 mini scoops of frozen yogurt then back to nelsons as a prelude to good things to come


February 21, 2009 - Posted by | Meandering

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