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a photographer wannabe’s lazy saturday

i woke up today determined not to do anything productive.  and because this rarely happens i allowed myself a little indulgence by being a bum for a day.

hubby was being his supportive self by cooking breakfast for me and giving me a little tutorial on using my LX3’s flash.


i was never really fond of using any camera flash because it makes my photos washed out but after seeing some great pictures taken by photographers using a flash, i wanted to learn.


i learned that the SLR’s flash produces good photos because you can swirl it around so that the light bounces in the direction you want.  but because im not so thrilled about lugging a bulky flash attachment, hubby made me a makeshift diffuser to place on my LX3’s built in flash.


its the white thingy.  and yes, i know what you’re thinking, it looks like a film roll holder.  apparently it is!  he just placed foil on one part right where the flash will be directed at and …



neat!  ok, now if you’ve been shooting pictures for a long time now, you’re probably saying “you just found this out now?!”  sorry, im a newby!

hubby showed me this round flash attachment which i could use on my macro shots which looks interesting but it costs a fortune for a person on a sabbatical.  so for now, the film roll holder will have to suffice!


*apologies for my choice of subjects to shoot, it was whats within reach!!!*


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