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chocolate eating petrol heads

ive never really been a tv person.  must be my upbringing.  i only get to watch because hubby is such a tv monster and in the rare moments that i do turn on the tv myself, its always cnn, fox news, mtv or TMZ (for my dose of hollywood tsismis!!!).  but if there is one thing hubby and i enjoy watching together, its english automobile reviews.  we get a kick out of laughing at the goofy reviews of tom ford in Fifth Gear and the adventures of jeremy, richard and james of Top Gear !!!  they never fail to entertain us, hubby with car information and i with the show production.

tonight we were watching the latest episode of fifth gear and was snickering at the review of the BMW X6 when our hungry tummies signaled for a little snack.  actually it was induced by a text message from AST that they had dinner at Charlie’s and had the philly cheese steak describing it as super goood!!!  so with our tummies impatiently grumbling i decided to go down to the icebox to see what we could munch on and delightedly found Desage Chocolates from my mom.

Desage Milk Chocolate

Desage Milk Chocolate

i picked the milk chocolate, well, because hubby is not much of a chocolate fan, actually not at all (how odd is that?!), and left the dark chocolate for a rainy day (for me hehehe!).


this is the 2nd or 3rd time my mom sent us these gold and silver ingots and they are really good! the ones wrapped in gold are milk chocolates and the ones wrapped in silver are dark chocolates.

Desage Milk Chocolate

Desage Milk Chocolate

this is best slightly chilled and allowed to melt luxuriously in your mouth. the outer part is smooth and creamy when it melts and the inner part is a little powdery and milky which, when combined gives a unique experience


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