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hungry dragons welcome the ox

early sunday morning i braved the market and bought the contents of our fruit basket which are now displayed on our dining table.  its a pretty sight similar to that we had last january 1.  i like having a lot of fruits at home!  i might just fill our fruit basket more often than just to welcome the new year!

i read somewhere that having pig’s leg for the chinese new year would bring good luck & since i was craving for something crunchy (& cholesterol laden) i suggested to hubby that we eat out for dinner. he wanted to eat at cafe juanita but i suggested we eat at rockwell since i did not really feel like eating too near home

so a reservation was made at C2 for 6pm and after shopping for a few items we took our seat at our requested table by the window and ordered.


C2 is one of the few filipino restaurants hubby will eat in without saying its like eating at home.


its probably because the pinoy dishes here are served with an interesting twist.

our pandan iced tea came first

carafe of pandan iced tea

carafe of pandan iced tea

because my dining partner does not drink water, i had to give up my “drink only water philosphy” and share the pandan iced tea … actually it didnt really take a lot of convincing! hehehe!

for starters we got lumpiang lucena


this was made of longanisa bits, beansprouts, coconut strips and carrots.  the wrapper wasnt as crunchy as we expected but it was a good twist from the usual spring rolls.

aligue ricealigue rice
we were debating whether to get this or the sisig rice but since we were already getting porky for our main dish, we thought we’d go sea food for our rice.  we love this version because the aligue gives the rice just a hint of flavor, not too suffocating or salty, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

and of course, because i was craving for a crunchy bit of pork leg we ordered the boneless crispy pata


if you check munch punch, this dish is not included in their menu but surprisingly, they serve it.  maybe its a little secret…well, not anymore!

this boneless crispy pata was very tasty, and the garlic infused soy sauce was a delight but i wish the meat was more tender, the crumble on touch kind.  the rind was satisfactorily crunchy but i wish there was more to munch on, after all, its the crunchy fatty part i was craving for!!!  the dish was good but not the best we’ve tasted.

the dinner ended with suman and chocolate

now we all know i love chocolate and the bitter kind is the best kind for me.  so when this dish arrived at our table i was delighted to see how the coco looked.


it was dark and it looked pure.  but surprisingly it wasnt as chocolaty as i hoped it would be.


but hey, who am i kidding, we left with an empty dessert dish (and extra gazillion calories on our waistlines)!!

with full tummies, the two satiated dragons headed for home and fell into dreamland with promises not to stuff themselves silly again, only to wake up this morning to tikoy!

so much for promises made in our dreams…

kung hei fat choi!


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