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The Search

is there an explanation why when you dont want an item it just keeps popping up but its when you want it that you cant find it?!

i was sitting by my lonesome today when i suddenly had a craving for dried apricots.  now i know that is not very common here but i know i had seen a pack somewhere before so i headed to the grocery in search of my dried apricots.  i went to the goody section where i found nuts and crackers and dried squid and all sorts of other dried products but no apricots.  i went to the international shelves and found all sorts of asian snacks and western tater chips but no apricots there either…

in other words i did not find any and in my frustration ended up buying dried mangoes!  drat!  now where did i see a pack of those before?!!

leaving the grocery a little frustrated, i met up with some of my friends for dinner at cafe breton at podium and M&R announced that they were engaged!!  AST & I were thrilled!  it was so funny because we were just chatting after our meals and then suddenly MH said something like “hey guess what someone, gave me this” and showed us the sparkly!  hehehe!  it is so typical of her!  see what i mean about finding someone when you least expect to?!… congratulations you two!  its about time!

now id better look harder for those dried apricots and start my diet because i will be attending a wedding next year!


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