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Early Morning Ramblings

i just love early mornings.  the silence that envelopes me just before everyone else at home wakes up makes such a serene backdrop to my surfing session.

this morning i woke up thinking about food.  i realized that the short list of the Gold Spot Restaurants were out and votes could be cast.


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the best thing about participating is that you get a chance to win an overnight stay at The Boutique Bed & Breakfast.  I had wanted to try this place out a couple of year ago when it first opened because it featured a unique twist to going to my favorite short trip out of town but we never really got around to it so this might just be my lucky year!!!

speaking of favorites, i have had the chance to try out different coffee bars this past week all curtesy of my overwhelming desire to review *gawk*

my staple of course is Starbucks


i realized that they had a lot of other pastries to offer than donuts and ensaymada. i even brushed up on my coffee choices with the help of a site Starbucks Drink Simplified.

the next coffee shop i tried is Blenz.

hot dark chocolate mocha

hot dark chocolate mocha

i loved this drink but their cappuccino was less favorable, their foam was real sad.

i also tried Bo’s Coffee

Bo's Cafe Latte & Chocolate Cake

Bo's Cafe Latte & Chocolate Cake

their coffee is really good! but i wish they had great pastries to go along with the delicious beverage.  looks could definitely be deceiving!  this chocolate cake was such a disappointment.  the shavings did not melt in your mouth but broke after much pressure from my fork.  the icing was rubbery and the sponge cake was too compact and dry.  but like i said the coffee was delicious!

my last coffee adventure was at Icings.

house blend coffee

house blend coffee

their coffee is made in this glass percolator and is very good. the milk they serve is so rich, 1 jigger glass did wonders to my cup of coffee.

because i went there with an empty stomach, i decided to order a panini sandwich. i was feeling a bit adventurous so i got the grilled vegetable panini.

Icings Grilled Vegetable Panini

Icings Grilled Vegetable Panini

this is served with chips complete with what else but a vegetable arrangement


a closer look inside showed grilled tomatoes, pepper, eggplant and zucchini

a closer look of the icings grilled vegetable panini

a closer look of the icings grilled vegetable panini

interestingly it was satisfyingly delicious!

life is definitely better with caffeine in your system!  Good morning!


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