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discoveries after the wedding bells


we had a bit of a domestic discussion last night rendering me today, a zombie.

after the cafe americano this morning i was still a scrooge & more so after 3 noisy little kids came in running & screaming into the coffee shop, so i decided another dose of caffeine was in order.

one signature hot chocolate, non fat, no whip, extra hot, with 1 shot of espresso please…

starbucks1the tongue twister definitely gave an adrenaline rush!

i think pinoys are just beginning to be particular when it comes to  gastronomic experience, moving away from simply being content with what the restaurant feels like serving (just listen to how people in starbucks order at the counter).  a trip outside the country opened my eyes to such endless possibilities…for an order of pancakes with eggs & sausage you could actually be asked a gazillion questions.  it was a little overwhelming at first but once your specifications are fulfilled, theres no turning back to passive dining!!

i definitely did not want to be passive yesterday when i went to the mall and found my chance to finally have a non-sandwich lunch.

hungry me trotted to Secret Recipe.


what better way to dine but to order the restaurants best seller

Secret Recipe's Grilled Black Pepper Chicken

Secret Recipe's Grilled Black Pepper Chicken

the menu warned that this dish was hot (as in pepper hot!) so i was expecting just that as i enthusiastically dug in…

the dish was delicious!

as you sink your teeth into the tender chicken, you get a sample of the tasty sauce (but wait, where is the hotness the menu promised?  patience my dear!) and then as you as you advance into your meal your mouth is suffused with a spicy sensation.  this dish is definitely hot, in all sense of the world!


so with my cheat day behind me, i went back to the mother ship this morning  and got some decent reading done.  lunch was of course bread.  but because i had something to celebrate about (i heard ive been employed!  wohoo!) i decided to be adventurously choosy.


Starbucks Italian Pocket

ive never had this pastry before and was intrigued by its contents.

friends in the coffee shop brought their loyal customer’s order to her table and the aroma of warm bread definitely triggered a mouth watering reflex.  a peek at the filling showed black olives, white onions and tomatoes (i was liking it already!).  a bite further revealed meat and light cheese (?) which could fool you into thinking you were actually having pizza.  only the flaky breading gave the secret away.

the verdict?  the zombie has a new lunch favorite!

hooray for good choices!


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