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Hand Crafted Goodies

these days, the term handcrafted seem to be coming up in a lot of restaurant slogans.

(these photos were taken by my Omnia because someone forgot their Lx3)


hubby and i went to get some caffeine after i dozed off half of the way through the sermon in mass this afternoon.  fortunately, there’s a new coffee company in town who boasts of hand crafted quality beverages.


Blenz opened two branches, one at megamall and another at mall of asia and apparently their baristas are trained with skills to create the perfect cup of coffee.


yup thats me reading away…

i ordered a cup of cafe mocha, belgian dark chocolate


the beverage was truly good.  the chocolate was rich with a bitter-semi sweet character, just how i like it!  i finished my cup in no time.


hubby got a capuccino which was a little disappointing.  first of all their foam was not concocted right.  the barista made it thin and the foam dissolved in the hot coffee by the time you were 3/4ths of the way through the drink.  this actually made the coffee taste funny.  a fluke?  maybe…but because first impressions last, in my next visit im compelled to order a chocolate drink, a macha even a fruit and yogurt shake, but not really their coffee.

they do give out a card which you could get stamped (1 stamp for every P100 food or beverage purchase) and once you accumulate 7 stamps you can get a regular drink for free…after the starbucks planner card, this sounds too easy!   and oh yeah, wifi is free!  im definitely not complaining!


January 11, 2009 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience

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