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Today the sun peep out despite overcast skies & i was happy

I was back at my pseudo study table at the fort by 8am & began the day with my new addiction, the toasted multi grain bagel.


This was automatically paired with a cafe americano which i was beginning to find a little bland.  Maybe i should start telling them not to fully dilute the espresso. I just wasnt satisfied with the kick anymore.

I was telling hubby yesterday that i didnt understand people who ordered decaf (and there are a lot f people who do this mind u, after sitting thru shouts of orders 9hrs a day, i should know!).  Hubby explained that not everyone is a caffeine fanatic like me, that it was just like my fancy for de-fizzed pop, because not everyone is a carbonated drink fan like him.  That explanation i understood!

When lunch time came i got myself a deli baguette


and in search for tachycardia, i ordered an espresso with 1 cup steamed & 1/2 cup foamed milk with a deli baguette.

I found it!

scary feet, scary feet, scary feet…..


January 9, 2009 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience, Meandering

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