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Today the sun peep out despite overcast skies & i was happy

I was back at my pseudo study table at the fort by 8am & began the day with my new addiction, the toasted multi grain bagel.


This was automatically paired with a cafe americano which i was beginning to find a little bland.  Maybe i should start telling them not to fully dilute the espresso. I just wasnt satisfied with the kick anymore.

I was telling hubby yesterday that i didnt understand people who ordered decaf (and there are a lot f people who do this mind u, after sitting thru shouts of orders 9hrs a day, i should know!).  Hubby explained that not everyone is a caffeine fanatic like me, that it was just like my fancy for de-fizzed pop, because not everyone is a carbonated drink fan like him.  That explanation i understood!

When lunch time came i got myself a deli baguette


and in search for tachycardia, i ordered an espresso with 1 cup steamed & 1/2 cup foamed milk with a deli baguette.

I found it!

scary feet, scary feet, scary feet…..


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Resisting the Weather

Yesterday we attended the beautiful wedding of our friends RL & LL. This couple, just like hubby & i, engaged in a long term relationship before marriage (14 yrs vs our 13 yrs before walking down the aisle).



i love the details of RL’s gown

Their reception was wonderfully fun!  There was this photo booth where the guests could get their quick photos printed & copied twice, one for the guest & one for the couple’s album.


it was coool!  as you can see we could not think of any wacky poses! we’re such an unfunny couple, its funny!  hehehe!

Waking up today was such a chore! I quickly found out why…gloomy weather!

I knew if i stayed home, i would just doodle my time away. And because i had to force myself to be productive to keep my review sched, i had my second day of residency at starbucks.

A sluggish morning calls for a cup of cafe americano with steamed milk and a multi grain bagel with cream cheese as a bribe to get started

Im not sure if i was just hungry but the toasted bagel was really good! The crust was crunchy because of the toasted grain sprinkles and the insides were soft & warm with light taste of cream cheese it was perfect!

After four hours of reading (my threshhold for keeping my bottom still), i decided to have lunch and chaced upon the  bacon & caramelized onion in french baguette

It was such a treat! The toasted baguette complemented the soft warm filling of sweet caramelized onions mixed with meaty bacon & oozing honey mustard.


if the guilty treats wont make me guilty enough to read the whole day then i dont know what will!

fortunately they did!

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